Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life changes, and it's hard....................

I didn't know what else to title this post. My heart is very heavy for a cyber friend who has battled cancer for almost a year. She is a shining example of a faith-filled/warm/friendly/loving/helpful/strong, etc person. I first met (online) Shannon Gifford at the now defunct SewingWorld site. I followed her to PatternReview where I continued to value her expertise and took online classes which she taught. At one time we had a Google email group where a few of us would share sewing and life in general with each other. She also kindly excepted my friend request on FaceBook, and she was quick to encourage me when I was working and going to school full-time. We shared a mutual love and admiration for Ronald Reagan. ;o)

She is losing her battle with cancer here on earth, and she is preparing to meet our Lord, while saying goodbye to her best friend (husband Mike) and her wonderful family and friends. Cancer is trying to win and diminish her bright and shining light, but the cancer will never truly win. A light and warmth such as the one Shannon shares with the world, cannot ever truly be diminished.

This is the blog she and Mike started to show how they are actually conquering cancer, and have not allowed the cancer to conquer them or their love for each other. There is a clickable link in my "other sites of interest" area at the bottom right side of the blogroll.

Reading about Shannon's journey makes me feel ashamed for my whining about work. There are many aggravating changes going on there which none of us have any control over. Many make me very angry, but I have a job (for now) and a wonderful, warm and loving husband. Losing my mother last year just about broke my heart. But her warmth and shining light, just like Shannon's, will never leave. Although, I felt abandoned for awhile, I do know that she would never, ever actually abandon her only child. She is with me always.

Now, onto happier subjects. ;o)