Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thank you everyone for you kind comments!

I'm going to be busy today but I had to stop and write a sincere thank you to everyone who stopped by my blog to check out my skirt, JCC & coat plans. Thank you very much Alicat, Adrienne, Gwen, Vicki, Bonnie D, Kim, Claire S, Isabelle, Paco, Kbenco & Lorrwill for the kind compliments. The comments mean a lot to me and I appreciate you taking the time to leave a note.

Up on deck for today is my fitting muslin for my class that is technically over. I lost a lot of ground while my computer was on the fritz and then Paul was working a lot of hours so I didn't have a picuture taker.

I'm also going to start one of my JCC items. I'm not sure if the skirt or dress will be first up. Then I need to London Shrink my coat fabric. Let's not talk about the state of my house while I holed up in my sewingroom. ;o)

And I'm off..................