Saturday, May 31, 2008

Great Coat Sew-along Timeline

This is the planned timeline for the coat sew-along. Marji spread this out over several months so we can all enjoy the summer and have a life while building our coat. Start May and finish by the end of September.

A Guided Sew-Along
for those who want to construct a winter coat.Construction will begin July 2008, but be incrementally slow enough that you can work on other projects and have a life besides.

May -
Gather materials
June -
Muslin for fit and style, prep fabrics
July -
Begin cutting/mounting/interfacing
Mid July-
Pockets and buttonholes
August -
finish construction of shell, sleeves
Mid to late August -
Construct lining
Sept -
Lining into coat
Goal -
Finish by end of September


lorrwill said...

I am definitely behind on this. I thought I would be able to afford my coat fabric and lining this past weekend but no dice. Oh well, I will still be able to follow along and learn from it!

Nancy W. said...

I am getting excited now, but having trouble narrowing down what I want to do. I have an "evening coat" that will be my first priority. I also have an unlined twill coat that I want to make, and a pink boucle coat from the same Simplicity pattern you're using.

Anonymous said...


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