Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pattern Sale - Joann's Memorial Day weekend

Edited to add: I found Vogue also on sale for $3.99 which is better than I paid with my BMV membership. I, of course, had to pick up a few. ;o)

Posting these sales helps me stay in tune, and hurts my pocketbook. ;o)
Simplicity patters - 5 for $5.00. My flyer is in my car so I'm not sure if the sale is Saturday, Sunday, Monday or another set of days. I really think it starts Saturday.

The McCalls/Butterick sale this weekend was fruitful for me. Joanne's also had the latest releases in the pattern drawers. I wrote down the numbers of the newest patterns that I wanted, and looked in the cabinet, and almost fainted...they were there!!!! That has never happened before. I did notice something else.....there were no signs on the pattern cabinets with the $1.99 sales indicated. You needed to know about this sale, or you'd pass right by. I checked my flyer 3 times to be sure I had the correct weekend.


Lindsay T said...

I can never find the patterns I want at my local Joann's. Their pattern cabinets are a mess, with Vogue mixed in with Butterick, etc. I joined Club BMV to be sure I'd get the patterns I want. I sure like Joann's pattern sales, though!

Cennetta said...

I'll right there with you. Hancock's has Vogue patterns on sale for $3.88.

Nneka said...

I noticed the same thing at my Joann's this last time -- no signs indicating the sale! But I had marked it on my calendar, so I went right ahead and grabbed up all my patterns. The drawers were well stocked this time, too.

lorrwill said...

I don't know if Hancock Fabrics is near you but they have all 4 companies on sale, too. Butterick and McCall's are $0.88 with a limit of 5 each here.

Yeah nneka, my Joann's was the same for the last sale. It was in the flyer but not well advertised in the store at all.