Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Great Coat Sew-along

I will start by thanking Marji for organizing this coat sew-along, which is now closed to anyone new as there are 70 participants. I'll be updating my progress here in my blog since anyone reading, but not participating, will not have access to the coat sew-along blog.

I have made my decision on the fabric and pattern I will be using.
The stars of the show are:

OOP Simplicity pattern # 4403
View C- belted, wrap style

The fabric is a stunning, yummy Michael Kors mohair/angora mix boucle that I bought from a couple of years ago (December 2005 to be exact) from . I found the receipt with the fabric and now I'm afraid to cut into the yardage...gasp $45 per yard. I'm eyeing the fabric and trying to convince myself to just "go for it" and forget the price. Carolyn, I might be making a trip to see you if I get stuck. ;o) I do have a beautiful lambs wool in a light camel color, but I really want a red coat.

I ordered a Kasha lining, in black, from Vogue Fabrics and heavy-weight muslin to work out the fitting. I pulled out white flannel yardage to underline the coat. I think I'll need it to keep the fabric from stretching out. I also would like a really warm coat and underlining the mohair will make it more than warm.


Bonnie D. said...

Found your blog via your comment. I'm in the Coat-along, too. I hope to make TWO coats. We'll see about that.... Anyhoo, your fabric is BEAUTIFUL!

I also love your fabrics for your sewalong. I had planned to do the mini wardrobe "contest" (in quotes for the same reason, you mention) at PR but my work schedule interfered. Darn job.

Gwen said...

Wow! Gorgeous fabric! That is going to be one beautiful coat! (I'm glad you're posting your progress here, so that everyone can enjoy it...)

Lindsay T said...

Ann at Gorgeous Things wrote a great post sometime within the last three months about getting over our fears of cutting into expensive fabrics. Go read it; it helped me. My fabric is $36/yd, so I have a similar "gulp" factor too. But that's why we're making muslins, right?

Bonnie D. said...

I tagged you for a meme:

Adrienne said...

I love your fabric! I'm making two coats also and I'm using red for one! LOL

Elle said...

Wow, you do know your fabrics! Gorgeous choices, I'm looking forward to your posts on this coat, and seeing it on you.

Tany said...

Hi, found your blog through The Great Coat Sew Along!

What a fabulous fabric! Perfect for a winter coat. I'm looking forward to your progress!

Pajnstl said...

hey Claire!

I really NEED a black coat BUT I WANT a red coat. I haven't made my decision yet on the color, But would like to use wool for the simplicity coat. I'm also planning on doing the red view on the envelope.

I see you are MUCH further than I am in regards to your planning. :)

Happy Sewing!