Sunday, May 11, 2008

June capsule-advice from sewing friends (thank you!!)

Carolyn and Gwen, thank you for taking the time to encourage me and yes, "kick by butt". I'm now rapidly narrowing the choices for my capsule. How can I not make my choices when you have both taken time from your busy day to read my blog and encourage me??? Big cyber (((HUGS))) to both of you. DH was happy to hear that my sewing friends were pushing me along to get something done. My comments are in red below.

I'm going to paste both comments here so I can readily find them since your advice was excellent!!

Carolyn's message:
First, when you make a choice...stick with changing your second guessing...stick with it! You can always sew something with the other fabrics later! And you will be so thrilled to be sewing and accomplishing something!Second, my advice on the outfits and fabric...

1. Use the white cherries fabric for the vintage dress. It will be whimsical and different and can be dressed up or down to make it a very wearable piece in your wardrobe.
The reason I was stuck on the dress is the retro dress could never be worn at work, but that doesn't really matter since I have a boatload of work clothes. Something dressy and whimsical for play would be fun. And I'll have a costume ready for Halloween when I start to look really silly wearing it for everyday. ;o) I do have a perfect pair of retro looking shoes for this dress, but I think I'll hang onto them for the Halloween costume idea and I'll wear cute strappy sandals with the dress.

2. Use the white eyelet cotton for a trendy little jacket - I like the McCalls one but you choose. This will allow it to go with the dress but with the next top and bottom piece.
You heard me....I love the 1st McCall jacket pattern. And of course this girly-girl loves the view with the ruffle around the neck. Even though I have 3 white jackets, I don't have a cute, eyelet one. So the eyelet it is!!!

3. Use one of the red/white pieces for the top. I like the Butterick one.
I like the Butterick one also. I really like the wrap view, but I may end up looking like a square wearing it. This I'm still giving thought to. But I will use the red with white polka dots as the fabric exactly matches a pair of platforms I own.

4. Use the denim for a skirt or a pair of trousers.
You were definitely looking over my shoulder yesterday when I pulled out the piece of yummy stretch denim I bought from Gorgeous Fabrics. My intention was to make jeans with the piece, but I have many pairs of jeans, so a skirt it will be. This might be a chance to use a Hotpatterns skirt pattern.

You have great choices, pick one if necessary by putting the numbers in a hat! :) You have come up with a great combo of fabric and patterns! If you consider the choices I've suggested, you will end up with a very wearable, work or play friendly grouping of pieces. I'm taking your advice and I fully expect to have a fun play capsule out of this. Gee, do you think I should tackle all the UFOs in my sewingroom???? LOL!!!!

You can do this Claire - I know you can!!!! :)
Thank you Carolyn. I'm always amazed at the number of items that fly out of your sewingroom, with seemingly little effort. Now I'm waiting to see your shirtdress, which you will rock!!!!!

Gwen's comment:
Wow - no wonder you have a difficult time choosing! Those are ALL great patterns and very cute fabrics! There are probably hundreds of combinations that would work beautifully! Would it help if you just acknowledged that there isn't a single right answer here? And there's probably not a wrong answer either - whatever you do is going to be beautiful and fun! So, I second Carolyn's advice - just make a choice and stick with it. :)I can't wait to watch your outfits come together! :)--Gwen
Gwen, you're a sweetie...thank you!!!! You are definitely an inspiration after you jumped in and made that beautiful wedding gown, even though you weren't sure you were up to it when you offered. Talk about pressure........


Marji said...

Claire, this is going to be Such a fun little wardrobe. I *love* your cherry fabric (I'm from Traverse City, the Cherry capital, how could I Not love it?).
Carolyn has given you great advice. Make a plan and then stick to it, don't second guess it, don't waver, just move forward.

Marji said...

I need your email address to send you an invite for the

lorrwill said...

Oh my goodness is this going to be a great capsule. And I am green with envy, green, I tell you that you have enough work clothes to focus guilt free on something so wonderfully fun like this.

Can't wait to see the progress and results!

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