Saturday, May 3, 2008

Legally Blonde on Broadway/FIT School

DH and I went to NYC yesterday as we had tickets to Legally Blonde. I had a very "blonde" moment when I bought those tickets. I was convinced that I had purchased tickets at a different theater much closer to home. We really didn't mind since we took that day off from work, slept late, and headed into the city around noon.

I've been wanting to visit FIT school for quite some time. DH was a sweetie and spent the day following me. There were a few books I wanted in the bookstore, but we weren't going to carry them so I'll just order them from I did get a cute hoodie with FIT/Fashion Institute on it in very subtle lettering. Since we spent the day in the garment district area DH was even up to following me into fabric stores. Did I bring any addresses with me??? Of course not!!! Whoda thunk it (bad English intentional) that DH wouldn't mind hitting the fabric stores with me. Oh well.... it was more fun walking all over anyway. ;o)

I loved Legally Blonde. I was sure I would as I enjoyed both movies. The show was really funny and it was obvious that the cast was thoroughly enjoying themselves also. I have to say, the woman who played Elle's hairdresser friend stole the show. What a voice!!! DH didn't get it when the handsome UPS guy walked on stage, into the salon, wearing tight-fitting shirt and shorts. All the ladies in the audience went nuts, and he asked me what was going on. LOL!!!!! I had to wait until later to enlighten him. Since he's a guy I guess I couldn't get him to connect UPS guy and shorts. After I explained he still looked at me like I suddenly had 3 heads and said, "I still don't get it--all the UPS guys wear shorts in the summer". Exactly Honey!!!! LOL!!!! I did fall in love with Elle's purse, which I found out is a Lana Marks. Talk about out of my price range, but (light bulb) isn't that why we knock off items we love or use them as inspiration for putting our own twist on something. Here's the purse:

This is the "Positano Tote in Fuschia Alligator". I saw it in person at the show at the tee shirt booth, and it is cute, cute, cute!!!! I believe the bag retails somewhere around $1600. Uh, I won't be using alligator if I could find it or afford it. I am however on the hunt for pink leather. The bag is such a simple style and I should be able to find similar hardware. I don't think it would be too difficult to knock-off. I do have black leather and blue pigskin in my stash, but of course my bag must be some shade of pink. ;o)