Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank you for the comments on my coat fabric

Bonnie, Gwen and Lindsay...thank you for stopping by to comment on the coat sew-along and thank you for the compliments on my fabric. I just wish the picture could do it justice. Lindsay, you are so right about cutting into the fabric...just go for it. I do remember reading Ann's post in her blog about cutting into expensive fabric rather than leaving it unused, so I will "go for it" You know, the fabric really is only a waste of money if it goes unused. If I mess it up, at least I attempted to make something.

Bonnie, thank you also for the comment on the fabric I chose for the JCC. I still think I'm crazy to be trying to get all this sewing/fitting/classes all done at once, but hey we only live once, we might as well fly by the seat of our pants from time-to-time. ;o) If you like you can still join us at the SG site. I know you said work got in the way, but maybe you could do one piece?

I'm so happy that there are 70 participants, although I suspect that many will either drop out or just read. There will be quite a few brains to pick and go to for advice. Those of you who already turn out awesome garments I cannot wait to see what you do with this sew-along.

My lining came in today and the heavy-weight muslin has been shipped. I'm sure I'll need interfacing since I'm thinking about using a sew-in instead of a fusible.