Saturday, May 10, 2008

WARNING!!! This is a very, very long post....................

Is there anyone as undecided as I am in making a decision about what to sew? I seem to get hung up on the process all the way through. I can buy RTW without blinking an eye. I know what looks good on me, what fabrics I like, what goes together, but when it comes to sewing I freeze. This is how I end up stockpiling fabrics and patterns without sewing much of anything. I'm going to try to change this and unfreeze myself. Carolyn left a message stating she was going to be all over me like white on rice to be sure I work on this capsule. Thank you Carolyn, that's just what I need....keep kicking my butt!!!!

I think I've narrowed the fabrics down for my capsule. Of course I changed my mind about a 100 times and I may change it 100 more times before June 1st. Sigh....I don't pay attention to "signs", but I have to think all this indecision has *something* to do with being born a Libra.

For the moment I'm thinking of a retro 50's, summery, cotton capsule. After taking a good look at my closet I decided that I have enough navy, tan, beige and white for main colors. I have a ton of black also, but that is taboo for this capsule. ;o) One of the colors that is in short supply in my closet is red. (yellow is also in short supply, but I'm in a red mood) I did buy a red shirtdress recently and I love it. I also hit Ebay an bought a couple of pair of red shoes. Now I must add to my red palette. I also bought a red, patent handbag, but I'd like to make my accessory, if possible.

I'll post a storyboard when I make my decisions on patterns. I'm narrowing it down, but I'm not quite there yet.

These are the fabrics up for consideration: (of course they weren't in my stash. Thank goodness the prices for the cotton fabrics were more than reasonable on Ebay)

Cherries on white: 50's style sundress. Probably a modern pattern with a 50's "flavor".
Red polka dots on white and white polka dots on red: I'm torn between a flippy skirt and an A-line. I want to use both fabrics in the skirt. This decision will be made when I determine which jacket and top pattern I'll use.
Red fabric: possibly a jacket. I don't have a red jacket. I already own several white jackets and a couple of denim and several navy jackets.
White swiss cotton or a white eyelet cotton (not pictured, as I already have these in my stash): a top of some sort. This will have to be something that can be worn with the dress to comply with the rules of the contest.
Navy or denim: I still need to work these into the capsule.

Dress patterns under consideration are:

I'm totally in love with the Retro '57 pattern. I love the neckline and the full skirt. But if I make it, I'll feel like I have to put some type of crinoline under it. I really dislike the look of a big skirt just hanging there, without the support of a full slip. It reminds me of taking an 80's jacket and removing the shoulder pads, without altering the shoulders, in the hopes that one could get away with wearing it....not!! Although, (light bulb moment) I have an evening skirt which is underlined in tulle to give it body. Hmmm....maybe underlining in tulle and stiffening in the hem would keep it from just hanging there, then I wouldn't have to feel silly in a big, puffy crinoline. I'll have to give that some more thought.

Skirt patterns under consideration are:

Jacket Patterns under consideration are:

Top patterns under consideration:


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

First, when you make a choice...stick with changing your second guessing...stick with it! You can always sew something with the other fabrics later! And you will be so thrilled to be sewing and accomplishing something!

Second, my advice on the outfits and fabric...

1. Use the white cheeries fabric for the vintage dress. It will be whimsical and different and can be dressed up or down to make it a very wearable piece in your wardrobe.

2. Use the white eyelet cotton for a trendy little jacket - I like the McCalls one but you choose. This will allow it to go with the dress but with the next top and bottom piece.

3. Use one of the red/white pieces for thr top. I like the Butterick one.

4. Use the denim for a skirt or a pair of trousers. You have great choices, pick one if necessary by putting the numbers in a hat! :)

You have come up with a great combo of fabric and patterns! If you consider the choices I've suggested, you will end up with a very wearable, work or play friendly grouping of pieces.

You can do this Claire - I know you can!!!! :)

Gwen said...

Wow - no wonder you have a difficult time choosing! Those are ALL great patterns and very cute fabrics! There are probably hundreds of combinations that would work beautifully!

Would it help if you just acknowledged that there isn't a single right answer here? And there's probably not a wrong answer either - whatever you do is going to be beautiful and fun! So, I second Carolyn's advice - just make a choice and stick with it. :)

I can't wait to watch your outfits come together! :)